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Monday, July 4, 2011


Independence is a hard concept to explain.  I know because I just tried to explain it (again) to my daughter. She is now fairly convinced that the nation is celebrating the fact that she goes potty by herself.

When I was writing Joe Cafe, thinking about war and freedom (also freedom in the sense of the ways we entrap ourselves), I realized the lines get blurred very quickly.

So, it is the 4th of July.  Flags flying everywhere and it seems like it is not enough...I feel conflicted and proud and a little guilty and I don't know what it all means.  I will watch the fireworks tonight and think what I always think: money down the drain - could have helped a lot of people.  I try not to think this, but I do.

In the mean time, I will focus on the the fact that my daughter goes to the potty alone now.  That's pretty awesome.  I don't mean to sound negative...I'm glad I live where I do, but it seems like we've come a long way in a short amount of time and not all of the paths we've taken have been good ones.  But today is a day to focus on the positive.  So, I'm going to eat a burger and enjoy the fact that my daughter enjoys the fireworks and that we live in a country where I can say whatever stupid thing I want.


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  2. Thanks Charity! I am already in the club, but I appreciate the nomination!