When a brutal murder strikes a small town, the lives of everyone involved are changed forever. And so is the town. Follow these vivid characters as they try to navigate the strange and ever-changing landscape of mores, beliefs, and self identity that will leave all of their lives forever altered. The lines of good and evil quickly become blurred in this postmodern glance at what identity means in a time of crisis. Mob bosses become vulnerable, strippers become superwomen, cops become craven and broken, and "broken men" try to find redemption in this literary tour de force by one of America's new writers.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rain snare...

The rain is a loop of twine intended to catch the rabbit of my mind.  The rain is a metronome.  A rimshot.  The rain falls in sheets and spits sideways catching me under the visor of my cap.  The rain is cleansing.  I am happy as it soaks into my socks.

The birds are disgruntled.  The fish feed with abandon, safe beneath the gentle splashes. The rain is salvation for the farmers in the central valley and we have the nerve to bitch about when it will be sunny again.

Grey clouds skirt the treetops lifted by a gentle breeze.  We stay inside, play board games and build puzzles.  We prop our heads on fists on elbows and wonder at the majesty of it all.